Hi everyone, I am excited to share with you that in An Exiled Soul, the upcoming follow-up to Closeburn Crossing and book two in the Altinor trilogy, you will learn more about Alpona, a talking horse and Daniel’s friend, and Skara, who is a descendant of a powerful warrior family and Ketch’s wife.

The novel expands on the stories of Daniel, Alpona and Ketch as they travel through areas of the world of Altinor, many of which not visited in the first book.

An Exiled Soul is an adventure with colourful new characters, exhilarating action and emotional moments. Keep you posted!

Just to let you know, the paperback version of Closeburn Crossing won’t be available for a short time.

I’ve changed printer recently and working to have paperbacks of the best quality possible available. Keep you posted when they are available again!

Meanwhile, the Closeburn Crossing eBook is still available on Amazon, here’s the link:

Closeburn Crossing eBook

The adventure novel, Closeburn Crossing, is finally on sale in paperback!

You can order your print copy on Amazon UK and US

The e-book edition is also available for Kindle at Amazon UK and US

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Closeburn Crossing is the first novel in Giles J.M. Blackley’s Altinor trilogy.

The Altinor trilogy is an adventure series with fantasy and science fiction themes about an 11-year-old boy named Daniel Mearns. Click on his name for a character profile.


24 October 2017:

The adventure novel, Closeburn Crossing, is out now as an e-book!

Closeburn Crossing is out today as an e-book at Amazon! Here’s the link:


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A paperback version is also on the way. Stay tuned!

An adventure novel with both fantasy and science fiction themes, fascinating characters, stunning locales and a rollercoaster ride of a story, Closeburn Crossing is a book for children and adults alike.