Closeburn Crossing, my first book in the Altinor trilogy, is an adventure set both in Closeburn, a small village in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, and Altinor, a strange and dangerous world in a faraway galaxy.

In the picture below is a Phib, one of many species of Altinoreans. From a tribe of talking amphibious aliens that stand on two feet.

The Phibs live in Iria, the largest jungle on Altinor.

To learn more about Daniel, the Phibs and many, many other characters, you can read about them in Closeburn Crossing.

It’s available as a paperback, ebook and audiobook here


An Exiled Soul, the follow-up to Closeburn Crossing and book two in the Altinor trilogy, is now available as both an ebook and paperback on Amazon!

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In the picture below is Morrithar Nost, Consul of Jassk. As Consul, he is the leader of Altinor’s largest city. He has an authoritative and calm presence.

He is Kala’s father, and has been overly protective of her, particularly after her mother’s death.

Find out more about Daniel, Consul Nost and many other characters in Closeburn Crossing and An Exiled Soul, the first two books in the Altinor trilogy.