My wife and I were in Poland visiting family and friends recently.

Travelling around the countryside there, am always reminded of The Witcher stories (Wiedźmin in Polish) by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Started the first book, The Last Wish, a while back but got distracted by reading other books like Harry Potter. Really want to finish it and read more.

I like the characters, particularly Geralt of Rivia/the Witcher. He’s a great protagonist. Makes me think of a medieval Philip Marlowe, but with cool magical powers.

Also, the creatures he hunts and the people who ask the Witcher to hunt them are all intriguing characters.

The descriptions of the medieval, fantastical world Sapkowski’s characters live in are marvellous.

The games inspired by the books are really good, too.

There’s a new TV series coming out this year based on the adventures of Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher has permeated international popular culture, and that’s all for the good in my opinion.

Have you read any of The Witcher stories, played the games or watched the old Polish TV show, and did you enjoy them?