Photo: ‘The Jungle of Chiapas’ by Bere von Awstburg from Pixabay.

Jungles and rainforests have always fascinated me. I think ever since watching Raiders of the Lost Ark as a child, and probably even before.

They inspired me to write about Iria.

Iria is the largest jungle on Altinor, the faraway planet the main character, Daniel Mearns, travels to in my Altinor books.

Iria is home to many beings, including spider-trees, singing voriez plants and the Phibs.

Phibs are bipedal, talking frogs the height of humans who have a warrior culture.

I’d love to visit more jungles and rainforests.

Have you been to a jungle or rainforest you’d recommend?

Or is there one you’ve always wanted to visit?