A brief character description of Closeburn Crossing’s Lokash:

Lokash is a Phib. Phibs are an Altinorean race of tall, bipedal, talking frogs who live in the vast jungle of Iria. He is a warrior and a member of Lord Phorm’s tribe.

Resentful that Phorm was chosen as leader of the tribe over him, Lokash is nonetheless staunchly loyal to his lord.

Lokash’s duties as a warrior include guarding the entrance to his village and the seat of Lord Phorm’s power, Phibia.

Bored with using the traditional Phib weapon of a spear, Lokash managed to acquire one of the flintlock pistols made by Ketch the Collector and enjoys showing off this unconventional weapon.

It is a tribute to his fealty to Phorm that Lokash does not use the pistol to try to impose his own leadership on the tribe.

Abrasive and cocksure, deep down Lokash hides a care for others, especially those threatened by his mortal enemies, the Delvidran Army.