For National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) you can buy ‘Closeburn Crossing’ the e-book at a 20% discount on Amazon until the end of November! Here’s the link:


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A paperback version is also on the way. Stay tuned!

Closeburn Crossing is the first novel in Giles J.M. Blackley’s Altinor trilogy.

The Altinor trilogy is an adventure series with fantasy and science fiction themes about an 11-year-old boy named Daniel Mearns. Click on his name for a character profile.

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24 October 2017:

The adventure novel, Closeburn Crossing, is out now as an e-book!

Closeburn Crossing is out today as an e-book at Amazon! Here’s the link:


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A paperback version is also on the way. Stay tuned!

An adventure novel with both fantasy and science fiction themes, fascinating characters, stunning locales and a rollercoaster ride of a story, Closeburn Crossing is a book for children and adults alike.


My fiancée saw a writing competition so I went for it. Closeburn Crossing, the first book in the Altinor trilogy, is now available to read for free for the first 100 readers as an e-book on the organiser’s website while the contest is taking place. Here’s the link:

Closeburn Crossing


Daniel Mearns-a character profile:

Daniel is an 11-year-old boy who lives with his mum Zoe and sister Rachel in a small village called Closeburn.

His father left them before he was old enough to remember him.

Daniel likes to read during boring lessons.

He and his friends are bullied at school by a boy called Mark and his gang.

Sometimes Daniel is hasty and lets anger get the better of him but he is also intelligent and curious.

One ordinary night of homework and bribes to eat cabbage turns so extraordinary it changes his life forever.

Daniel is the central figure of the Altinor trilogy. Read the beginning of his adventures in the first of the Altinor trilogy, Closeburn Crossing.

You can order your print copy of Closeburn Crossing on Amazon UK and US

The e-book edition is also available for Kindle at Amazon UK and US

and at Smashwords, which offers more e-book formats (epub, mobi, pdf, and many more).

On Smashwords, you can download the first few chapters of the e-book for FREE to see if you like it.

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