A brief description of Closeburn Crossing’s Jassk:

Jassk is a city-state and the largest city on Altinor, the planet Daniel travels to in Closeburn Crossing.

Futuristic when compared with Earth’s cities, Jassk has millions of inhabitants living in great skyscrapers within protective domes that touch the clouds.

Its residential, mercantile, industrial and governmental areas are separated, contained within their own domes and linked by a rapid public transport-pod system.

Jassk is the most technologically advanced place known on Altinor.

Among its advances is a network of wireless energy, offered commercially to its residents. This innovation of being able to beam energy safely around the city, where its people can convert it instantly into electricity, has helped Jassk grow quickly.

Despite breakthroughs like this, there is a large gap between rich and poor in the city.

Its most powerful figure is its consul, first and foremost among Jassk’s ruling council of ministers.

Jassk’s Market Dome is famous for trading almost everything under Altinor’s sun. Many Altinoreans travel hundreds of miles to trade there, by transporter, horse or foot.

Image artist: Kelly Mai
Artist’s website: http://www.kellymai.com/
Image copyright © Kelly Mai

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