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My name’s Giles and I write children’s adventure stories. Some are set on the planet Altinor.

On the book cover art below is Daniel Mearns, an 11-year-old boy from Closeburn.

Closeburn is a village in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

Daniel lives there with his mum and sister.

Looking for his father, Daniel travels through a portal (which you can see in the picture) to Altinor.

In the picture below is a Phib.

Phibs are talking, amphibious aliens that stand on two feet, one of many Altinorean species.

The Phibs live in Iria, the largest jungle on Altinor.

In the next picture is Morrithar Nost, Consul of Jassk.

As Consul, he is the leader of Altinor’s largest city. He has an authoritative and calm presence.

He is the father of Kala, a girl whom Daniel meets on his journey around Altinor.

Consul Nost has been overly protective of Kala, particularly after her mother’s death.

Find out more about Daniel, Phibs, Consul Nost and many other characters in Closeburn Crossing and An Exiled Soul, the first two books in the Altinor trilogy.

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